Building a Monster Truck

My son, Curt, began his life building with legos; then as a teen built RC planes (eventually taking real flight lessons), then got a job with a monster truck owner. He came home disillusioned, but decided to build his own - how hard could it be? It took him three years and every cent he earned during that time, but Curt is now a proud owner of a Monster Ride Truck to rent out and take to shows. To think, it all started with Legos!

Here are several pictures of the frame as the truck was being built. First he took hundreds of photos of the frames of existing monster trucks (Grave Digger, Arachnophobia, Blue Thunder, and a few more) This photo shows the minor shocks which were later replaced by bigger ones and then yet bigger ones as the truck progressed

Then going by those photos, he put together his truck. Due to copyright laws, I cannot show the frames of the show trucks, but just by looking at pictures (and being mechanically inclined), he was able to build his truck.

The Second photo was of the undercarriage, sorry that it is so dark. The third shows a "working frame" on wheels to see if everything was working properly.

Close up of actual framework, he welded every piece of steel together - You should have seen the bills from the local steel supplier - good thing he had a job!

This photo shows one of the axles after it was attached to the frame.

TADAHHH It is getting close to being done, here he is making sure the big tires fit - what if they didn't??? He would have started all over again!


White Lightning

This photo is of my son's monster truck. He built it himself from scratch and it is now for hire. His website is  r more information.
He started out working for an owner and would take pictures of the framework and drive-trains. I would loan him my camera thinking I was going to get pictures of "Grave Digger" and some of the others. He brought a few of those home, but it was mostly pictures of a bunch of steel pipes and parts. From those photos, he spent almost three years purchasing steel, welding them up for the frame, buying axles, transmissions, wiring harnesses, engines, wheels, and all the other things he needed to build his truck. The cab was one of the most expensive out-right purchases, but he put it all together and has an amazing finished product. He also flies RC planes and helicopters and has built many of his own over the years. Not much he can't do - mom is bragging now...

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